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Supervising engineers are often required to accept and approve the results of PDA tests.  However, because PDA testing is a highly specialized technique, most engineers are poorly equipped to undertake an independent 'sanity' check of the data. 

The Basic Guide for PDA Review is a reference for supervising engineers who are required to assess the acceptability of results of PDA testing.  It provides guidelines to assist engineers to interpret the presented PDA data, and summarizes key information relating to review of PDA data and specifically pile capacity, pile stresses, pile integrity and construction control.  The following list of topics is covered in the guide :

  • Standard PDA 4 graph output
  • 1 dimensional wave mechanics (1) : easy driving
  • 1 dimensional wave mechanics (2) : hard driving
  • PDA input quantities
  • Proportionality between F and V
  • Key PDA output quantities
  • PDA output quantity summary
  • Checking active transducers
  • Evaluating data quality : (supplementary HP plot "DPFV")
  • The equivalence of Graph 1 (F and V) and Graph 2 (WD and WU)
  • Checking pile length and wavespeed
  • Independent review of 2L/c time and wavespeed
  • Forces and stresses
  • Pile capacity : Graph 3 (resistance vs time)
  • Case method damping factor, JC
  • Energy transfer and hammer performance
  • Displacement, set and temporary compression
  • Establishing relationship between PDA and driving formulae
  • Evaluating shaft friction and end-bearing from PDA output
  • Approximate evaluation of shaft resistance distribution
  • Checking pile damage

The Basic Guide is a secured PDF file - to be able to view it you will need to download Pinion Receiver (free) to your computer. You will also need to have Adobe Reader installed (even if you are already running Adobe Standard or Adobe Professional). 

Upon purchasing a licence for the Basic Guide you will receive an email containing instructions for opening files with Pinion Receiver.

To purchase a 1 year licence for the Basic Guide for PDA Reveiw, click here

For further information please contact Melanie McKie.