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The geoengineering software suite developed by GGU comprises 43 programs covering a wide range of applications in geotechnical design, site investigation and laboratory analysis. The programs are used by geotechnical, structural and general consultants, site investigation firms, design offices, government agencies and universities.

Familiarization with the programs is very quick because of the consistent and user friendly Windows interface of all programs. Each program is provided with easy-to understand user manuals. A support hotline is also available for technical assistance.

All programs are WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get), ensuring sophisticated report quality output in Windows true-type fonts. Color output and bitmap graphics are supported. Output from all GGU programs can be "cut and pasted" into other Windows programs such as word processors and spreadsheets.

Data Import, Export, Sharing and Exchange

ASCII data import and export allows exchange of data between GGU programs, and also allows input of data from some non-GGU programs. This is a considerable advantage for both time-saving, and ensuring accurate transfer of information.

To use relevant project data in other GGU programs, data input can be saved, using an ASCII interface, in a GGU project data format. Data therefore needs to be entered only once. Changes in input data will therefore flow through to all programs, eliminating the danger of inconsistent input parameters for different programs.

Furthermore, for some GGU programs, the ouptut from one program can be used as input for another program. For example, porewater pressure information generated in the groundwater modelling program, GGU-SS FLOW2D can be directly imported into the slope stability program, GGU-STABILITY. Similar data compatibility exists between the programs GGU-STABILITY, GGU-RETAIN and GGU-UNDERPIN.
This feature can be also used to import data from an ASCII file generated by other (non-GGU) programs. Typical examples include importing of groundwater information for the groundwater modelling program GGU- SS FLOW2D, input of finite element meshes in the slab design program GGU-SLAB, and topographic information for the modelling and graphing package GGU-GEO GRAPH.
CAD support

All GGU programs include a MiniCAD module. Using the MiniCAD module, all program output can be enhanced with graphical elements such as lines, rectangles, circles, splines, text, bitmap images or DXF drawings. The MiniCAD input can be saved in a separate file which can be loaded into any other GGU program.

Copy and paste functions allow very flexible transfer of all output into other Windows applications, such as Word Processors. The pasted object can be scaled to fit the available space.

GGU-Software Testversions

You can thoroughly evaluate GGU software before you buy. Fully-functional testversions of all GGU Programs are available.

Please contact Melanie McKie at Foundation QC for further technical and sales information, including individual product sheets for each program. The GGU suite of software is available in multi- user or single-user versions, and is attractively priced.