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Welcome to Foundation QC
Foundation QC Pty Ltd is an Australian company which provides the following services to an international client base: 
  • Expert training in Dynamic Pile Testing (public and in-house training available)
  • Workshops and Seminars in foundation engineering
  • Educational and training material for Dynamic Pile Testing
  • Software and training material for geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering
Dr. Julian Seidel
The company is headed by Dr. Julian Seidel, who has had over 20 years professional experience as a geotechnical engineer, specializing in deep foundations and pile dynamics. During this time, he has worked with government, general and specialist consultants, and contractors. He has had a long involvement with Monash   University as an undergraduate then graduate student, lecturer, researcher and now honorary associate. As a result of this wide experience, he is uniquely placed to appreciate all aspects of the commissioning, design, installation and testing of foundations as well as research in the same field. He has published in excess of 60 technical papers in international journals and conferences.

Dr. Seidel serves on national and international technical committees, including the Australian Piling Code committee and ISSMGE Technical Committee 18 - Deep Foundations. He is joint technical editor of the US Deep Foundations Institute publication, Fulcrum.