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Foundation QC has developed a modular training program for PDA Testers which comprehensively covers all aspects of field practice, data collection, theory and data interpretation.

This is the first and only international standard training program for PDA Testers, and aims to provide the opportunity for all testers to learn the art and science of PDA Testing at a level which will lead them to certification in the High Strain Dynamic Pile Testing Certification program.

The training program contains all the learning material, which is an extensive suite of Powerpoint Slideshows with sufficient text and guidance to allow self-paced learning at the Tester's own pace and in a time convenient to them.

The Modular training program contains the following material :

  • Module 1 Introduction to dynamic pile testing for site personnel
  • Module 2 Preparation for field testing
  • Module 3 Introductory field testing
  • Module 4 Fundamentals of one-dimensional wave mechanics
  • Module 5 Case method and soil resistance
  • Module 6 Construction control
  • Module 7 Field testing with interpretation
  • Module 8 Wave Equation Analysis for prediction of pile driving*
  • Module 9 CAPWAP analysis of dynamic pile testing measurements*
  • Module 10 Advanced practice considerations and guidelines*
  • Module 11 Trial Exam – Data Acquisition (Part A)
  • Module 12 Trial Exam – Data Interpretation (Part B)

* module not yet available

See Module Details for further information

To download the Training User Guide please register using the link at the right, then login to download the training guide. After logging in, you will see the menu option "Download Training User Guide"

To purchase a 1 year licence for the PDA Modular Training Program click here

For further information please contact Melanie McKie.